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You really love to make a scene
Ohhh so sweet
Yeah she'll lay her heart on the line
Curly Ponytail
I'm always watching

Home Record
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Mosaic of a Broken Heart

What is Cara up to?

Cara has been working on her first, all original album!
"Mosaic of a Broken Heart"
is out NOW on all streaming services 

Her music videos "Home Record" and "Data" are on YouTube so subscribe and check those out!


Cara DeChurch is a singer/songwriter and actor from Youngstown, Ohio. From a young age, Cara loved to sing and dance around the house. Often, she would pretend her life was a movie, and she could play in her room all day with only her own company.

This resulted in a passion to perform, and she sought every opportunity in high school to learn more about what she loved to do. From singing in choir, speech and debate, performing in musicals, and being a professional princess, Cara knew she was meant to entertain.

So, she followed her big dreams straight to the "Big Apple", NYC! It was there where she attended The Institute for American Musical Theatre (IAMT) and learned from working Broadway professionals. 

Everything was going according to plan until Covid happened. Cara and her classmates were forced to go home, and graduate online.

This heartbreak lead her to look into new avenues like film/tv acting, and writing her own music.

Cara has been in a few movies you can get information on on the IMDb tag, but one of her films, "Gemini" will be debuted in theaters this February.

As for her music career, Cara began this journey in late June of 2022. It started as a gift for her dad! All he wanted for every Christmas was to hear her sing. So, she made a Christmas album, and named it after the original song she wrote for it called, "Smells Like Snow".

She recorded this at Breakthrough Sounds in Cleveland, and fell in love with making her own music.

Now, Cara is currently working with her brother, Dr. Alexander DeChurch on writing music for her debut album. They work closely with their producer, Toobe Fresco, and are so excited for the upcoming releases.




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